neXus TruID - Registration and Usage Guidlines

(For Netbanking Users)


How to Download Nexus Tru ID


How to Configure Nexus Tru ID


How to Generate OTP in Nexus Tru ID


Benefits of Nexus Tru ID token



How to Download Nexus Tru ID


You may download the app for iOS, Android & Blackberry phones from the links shown below.

For iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

For Android Devices ( Android Phones and Tablets)

For Blackberry Devices

How to Configure Nexus Tru ID

1) Open the App. No need to enter Activation Address. Just click on ADVANCED option ( See image shown below).


2) Enter a Profie Name provided by the Bank. e.g. PJS59081.PJS59081

Then enter the SEED sent to your mobile by the Bank.

Select 'Nexus TruID Challenge' from the dropdown.

Press CONFIRM button.



3) You will be prompted to enter the PIN provided by Bharat Bank.

Please remember the PIN as it needs to be entered everytime you open the neXus TruId App.

Pelase keep the PIN secret. Do not write it down where it can be seen by others.


How to Generate OTP in Nexus Tru ID

1. If you have successfully configured the App, you can start using the App.

In the NetBanking Transaction Screen an OTP CHALLENGE code will be generated.

Open neXus Truid App, enter your PIN.

Enter the OTP CHALLENGE. The app will generate an OTP as shown below.



2. Enter the OTP in the NetBanking Screen in the OTP box shown below.

Benefits of using Nexus Tru ID

No need to remember Transaction Password

Safe & secured authentication method

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