Vidyavahini Loan
Make your dreams come true

Want to study further, but financial condition doesn’t permit you?

Don’t worry, Bharat Bank offers Vidyavahini Loans for studying in India and abroad with quick approval, lowest interest rates and minimal documentation.

Are you eligible for a Vidyavahini Loan?

Any Student (if major) – along with parents / Guardian – As Joint Applicants.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow for a Vidyavahini loan?

Rs.75.00 Lakh is the maximum amount.

In how many years can I repay the Vidyavahini loan amount?

You can opt for a loan period of up to 10 years (Inclusive of Moratorium/Gestation Period i.e. Duration of the Course + 6 Months).

What kind of security is required?
  • Mortgage of Immoveable Property.
  • Government Securities
  • Fixed Deposit of our Bank in the name of Students/Parents/Third Party
What is the benefit of Vidyavahini loan?/ What is the purpose of the Vidyavahini loan?

To meet the cost of higher education/professional qualification from recognised Universities/Institutions.

What is the margin for Vidyavahini loans?

The margin for Vidyavahini loans is

  • Nil upto Rs.4,00,000/-
  • 15% of the cost for loan amount above Rs.4,00,000/- in case of studies in India.
  • 25% of the cost for Loan amount above Rs.4,00,000/- in case of studies abroad.