Flexi Fixed Deposits Savings Bank Account (FFDSB)
To the one's who want extra!

Flexi Fixed deposits give extra choices and extra benefits. Flexi Fixed Deposit is a special kind of deposit where a depositor can enjoy both the liquidity of savings and current accounts and the high returns of fixed deposits. Bharat Bank makes it possible for you to invest in a special manner using Bharat Bank’s Flexi Fixed Deposit Facility. This facilitates automatic transfer of money to a fixed deposit when the balance in Savings or Current Account crosses specified limits & also provides reverse process when there is a requirement of money in Savings & Current Account from your FD account.


  • Minimum balance requirement is Rs.25,000/-
  • Sweep out to FD if balance exceeds Rs.50,000/-
  • Convert to FD in multiples of Rs.10,000/-
  • Maximum FD amount per sweep is Rs.5,00,000/-
  • Tenure of FD is 90 days
  • Automatic FD creation
  • Free NEFT/RTGS/Chequebook
  • Free DD/PO
  • Visa/Rupay card – with switch ON-OFF option for safety
  • 5 FREE ATM transactions on other bank ATM (Transactions include Financial & Non Financial transactions)
  • Free Bulk Cash Deposit
  • Free SMS charges.
  • Enjoy free mobile banking and net banking facility.